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School Year:  Mid August – late May

Time: Sunday 1:30 – 3:30pm

Class Size: Small classes (5-12 students)

Age: 5 – 17 years old

Tuition: School year fee $220, Non-Refundable Registration fee $20

Register for 2019-2020 School Year NOW: 

School starts: 8/18/19. Please use registration link listed below. Please register your kid on line and please arrange your payment (cash or check) with the front desk after you register. Feel free to contact us if you have any question. Thank you

Fort Bend Community Church
7707 Highway 6 S.
Missouri City, TX 77459
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2018-2019 Calendar

2019-2020 Calendar


Mandarin(pinyin), Traditional/Simplified, Grade 1-12

Cantonese: Traditional, Grade 1-12

AP Chinese

Other Activities:

Writing/Writing Contest, Recite/Speech contest, Cultural workshops, Folklore stories, Lunar New year Celebrations, Special workshops, Achievement Shows, Character and Life Education


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Character trait

September 2018 Character trait (Mandarin/English)

September 2018 Character trait(Cantonese/English)

October 2018 Character trait (Mandarin/English)

October 2018 Character trait(Cantonese/English)

Nov/Dec 2018 Character trait (Mandarin/English)

Nov/Dec 2018 Character trait(Cantonese/English)

January 2019 Character trait (Mandarin/English)

January 2019 Character trait(Cantonese/English)

February 2019 Character trait (Mandarin/English)

February 2019 Character trait(Cantonese/English)

March 2019 Character trait (Mandarin/English)

March 2019 Character trait(Cantonese/English)

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September 2019 Character trait (Mandarin/English)

September 2019 Character trait(Cantonese/English)

October 2019 Character trait (Mandarin/English)

October 2019 Character trait(Cantonese/English)

Nov/Dec 2019 Character trait (Mandarin/English)

Nov/Dec 2019 Character trait(Cantonese/English)


Please use the below link for registration

Time: Sunday 13:00-13:30

Location: Phase 3 Building

【Please refer to Chinese School Calendar for dates】