Our Values

On Worship   

  • We believe in expository preaching, which is “that method of proclaiming the Scriptures that takes as a minimum one paragraph of Biblical text and derives from that text both the shape and the content of the message itself.”
  • We believe in music in worship. Music has the unique ability to express thoughts and feelings too deep for words.
  • We believe in creativity. Audio-visual, audience participation, testimony, etc. can be effective means to communicate God’s truth.
  • We believe in planning ahead to bring about a unified worship service with each part of the service adding to, not canceling, the worship theme.

On Evangelism

  • We believe in cross-culture evangelism not only in the missions field but also here locally. God puts us here not just to evangelize to the Chinese but the whole area for Christ.
  • We believe every Christian, not just a few, can do evangelism, if given proper tools and motivation. People want to share their faith, and evangelism is an integral part of Christian life.
  • We believe evangelism is not taught, but caught. It begins with the leaders.
  • We believe that any community services we may have serve as contact points to create a “fishing pond” for evangelism.
  • We believe in follow-up work for new believers. Every new convert should be contacted within thirty-six hours and taught the basic foundation of Christian life.

On Discipleship   

  • We believe in discipleship. People learn best in a mentoring relationship. God first, then people. People will apply the truth when they see it work in us. When people don’t apply the truth, they have not known the truth.
  • We believe in accountability.
  • We believe in the power of prayer. Prayer is one of the key ministries of the pastors and the leaders of the church.
  • We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, without which nothing of spiritual value can be accomplished.

On Team Work

  • We believe in team work. A good team has the same vision, an effective strategy, clear job descriptions, proper accountability, timely evaluations and adjustments.
  • We believe a team which prays together and plays together will also work together.
  • We believe in people and think positively toward people. We believe that they want to grow and they want to serve. We believe in creating a positive environment for people to grow. People grow best with encouragement and positive reinforcement.

On Family Ministry

  • We believe that Family Ministry starts with husbands and wives. An intimate marriage relationship will produce healthy kids and build a strong church. The church needs to provide models, training, and a positive environment for marriage relationships to grow deeper and stronger.
  • We believe that our youth need a vision to go beyond just being good kids and having good grades. They need a vision to live for God. We believe evangelism and discipleship are just as important in youth as in the adult ministry.
  • We believe the church's role is to partner and help parents raise a generation of kids with unshakeable faith to withstand the world's pressures.
  • We believe in a counseling ministry. We need trained professionals, not the pastors, to do long-term professional counseling especially in a family-oriented community. We believe that preventive family ministry is much more effective than crisis counseling.

On Community Ministry

  • We believe that our community is the Fort Bend County. This is our home on earth and Fort Bend is our backyard. We will seek to serve this community and bring them to Christ.
  • We believe in meeting the needs of the Fort Bend community through prayer, community service and helping the family. The church is here to meet those needs.