Church Bulletin

FBCC English Worship   February 18, 2018



Thank you for worshiping with us!  Our hope for you today is that you come as you are and leave as God meant you to be:  To encounterour living God - to be transformed heart, mind, soul and strength.  We hope that you will be encouraged to join us in our mission: “Pursue the Heart of God by making disciples locally and globally to reach all people for Jesus Christ.”




Message: Centurion, Widows & Doubters, Luke 7:1-8:21

Speaker:  Pastor Samuel Kwan


Welcome & Announcements

Doxology & Benediction







Director Zaneta Loh

The Mission of the 72, Luke 10:1-24


Pastor Dick Lee

Do Not Be Anxious, Luke 12:22-34

We are a people of the Word – give us sermon feedback here:






Mandarin Service

9:30 – 10:45 am

Pastor Brian Lam

Cantonese Service

9:30 – 10:45 am

Elder Howard Fong


Daily Bible Reading

We encourage everyone to join reading the Bible daily, one chapter a day, including Sunday. 


 Feb. 18: Dt. 10

 Feb. 25: Dt. 17

 Mar. 4: Dt. 24

 Mar. 11: Dt. 31

         19: Dt. 11

         26: Dt. 18

         5: Dt. 25

         12: Dt. 32

         20: Dt. 12

         27: Dt. 19

         6: Dt. 26

         13: Dt. 33

         21: Dt. 13

         28: Dt. 20

         7: Dt. 27

         14: Dt. 34

         22: Dt. 14

   Mar. 1: Dt. 21

         8: Dt. 28

 Mar. 15: Ro. 1

         23: Dt. 15

           2: Dt. 22

         9: Dt. 29

         16: Ro. 2

         24: Dt. 16

           3: Dt. 23

       10: Dt. 30

         17: Ro. 3


Baptism/Membership Class – Those who would like to be baptized on 4/1 (Sun) must attend ALL sessions (see table below).  Those who have been baptized and who are only seeking FBCC membership need only attend Session II. Pick up and return completed forms to the church office.


Session I, A

Session I, B

Session II

Youth: A123

Today (2/18), 1-2pm

2/25(Sun), 1-2pm

3/4(Sun), 1-2pm


Contact Pastors Dick or Sam & complete online classes by 3/11

Mandarin: A140

3/10 (Sat.), 9am-12noon

3/10 (Sat.), 1-3:30pm

Cantonese: A140

3/17 (Sat.), 9am-12noon

3/18 (Sun.), 1-4pm



TODAY Part Time English Congregation Administrative Assistant: Here’s an opportunity to serve in the English congregation with your media, social media and organizational skills. The job description is here: Please forward your resume to Pastor Dick Lee by February 28.

TODAY Cantonese Summer Intern: We are currently searching for a seminarian summer intern for the Cantonese Ministry. Contact Pastor Kenny Kwan for details.

TODAY South Texas STM Fundraising: The team will serve Churros/ dip cheese Nacho & drink, team T-shirt between & after each worship. Please support our mission team. A Team Meeting Today: 12:45-2:30pm @ Youth Center.

TODAY Middle Asia STM Info Meeting: 12:30-1:30, A213. STM dates: 5/21-6/8, Learning local Christian ministry and missionaries' challenge in Kyrgyzstan, visiting historical sites of missionaries in Xinjiang.

TODAY – Taiwan STM (6/30-7/7) Info Meeting: Sun., 12:30-2pm, A140. For more info, please contact Jim Lin (

TODAY – Mand. Marriage Enrichment Retreat (4/6-8) Registration: Visit church website to register.

TODAY – Mandarin Spring Training School Registration: @ Gym after Service or visit FBCC Chinese website.

TODAY – FBCC Offering: To ensure offering account are credited correctly, please write on the offering envelope, your name in English & FBCC offering # clearly. If you never have a FBCC offering #, please include your name in English (as you want it to appear in your tax statement) & your home address.

TODAY – 2017 Donation Receipts: Sun., offering receipts are ready for pick up in the church office. Thank you for your generous giving this past year.

TODAY – Cant. Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner Ticket Sale: Chapel lobby. Tickets: $10/age 11 & up, $5/age 3-10. Event: 2/24, Sat., 5-9:15pm (Gym).

2/23 – FB4C "2-4" Support Ministry: For widowers, divorcees and single parents. Friday, 6:45-9:30 pm, Bldg.2, A 157. Contact

3/3,10,17 Cantonese Alpha Nights: Sat., 6-9pm, Fellowship Hall, Bldg.1. Contact Pastor Kenny for info.

3/30 – Good Friday Service: Friday, 8-9:30pm, Gym. Please come for a time of prayer and reflection to remember our Lord’s death on the cross. Speaker: Minister Jeremy Chu. Children’s program will be in Bldg. 3.

4/1 – Easter Sunday:

  • Services, Sunday school & Mandarin small group class schedule as usual.
    • Children service will be in Bldg. 3 with Easter egg hunt and moonwalks.
    • Lunch Time Picnic: Contact Lena (3/4-25) ONLY if need to reserve a SG/Zone outdoor spot. All others, will assume use current SG/Fellowship Hall lunch room.
      • Baptism service will be at 2:00pm, Chapel.

5/27 – Scripture Memory Final Contest: Sun. @ Church Anniversary Joint Service. 40 verses on evangelism are selected and made available for pickup at the office. All are welcome to participate and share the joy of scripture memory.

Staff Absences/Vacations Minister Jeremy: 2/18; Pastor Tak: 2/9-19 (Brazil STM); Pastor Kaiyi: 23, 27.



3/2,3 – Family AWANA: Fri., 7:45-9:45pm; Sat, 6-8pm, No Family AWANA: 2/23, 24.

3/2,3 – MSF/HSF: Fri., 7:45-9:45pm; Sat, 6-8pm. Gym.  No MSF/HSF: 2/23, 24.


Other Ministry Announcements:

TODAY – Mandarin & Cantonese Word of Life Registration: Thurs. 8-10pm, 3/22-5/10, at FBCC. Register at Gym lobby or visit Chinese website.

2/24Cantonese Seminar on Mission in Career: Sat., 11am-12:00pm, Houston Chinese Church. Speaker: Rev. Enoch Wan.

3/3 – Light & Salt Association Annual Charity Concert: Sat.,3pm, at HCC. To raise funds for cancer survivors caring ministries, special needs families, Dementia care & other community needs. Tickets are available for $20/each.  Please contact Elder Sun (281-265-3751) for details.



Please pray for the many events throughout the church. Pray that God will use these events/ministries to bring more people into His kingdom.

  •  Jan-Apr Sermon Series: “Gospel of Luke”
  •  Jan.-Mar.: Mandarin & Cantonese “Alpha” Outreach Ministry

Brother Chris Kwok’s mom, Mrs. Shirley Kwok has undergone cancer treatment. Please pray for God’s mercy on her recovery and rest. Pray that God will open Chris parents’ hearts to receive Christ, grant faith, strength and peace to him and his family.


SUNDAY SCHOOL for Winter Quarter (Dec.~Feb.)

All Adults: The Holy Spirit, 9:30-10:45am, Bldg. 3: C211.  Contact: Silky Wong,

College Students: Church History, 12:45-2:00pm, Bldg. 3: MP2.   Contact: Matthew Wong,



Family Zone: Small groups that meet at church to coincide with our children and youth ministries.  You can join a group on Friday nights, Sunday mornings or afternoons. Contact: Deacon Philanda Warren,

The Well: Small groups for young professionals that meet weekly at members’ homes. These groups also gather all together in a large group meeting once a month for fellowship and worship. Contact: Deacon Gabriel Chan,

Lighthouse: Small groups for college students with special fellowship events during academic breaks. Contact: Deacon Mathew Wong,